The HCG diet has a lot been associated with feelings of hunger and generally “starvation”. What are some of the remedies of curbing this controversial matter?

  • Drink extra water

When one is on a HCG diet plan, he or she is advised to take extra water just to cub the feelings of hunger.  After every HCG drops, it is recommended to take thirty ounces of water within thirty minutes. This is a little helpful since it makes your stomach full.


  • Drink tea

Drinking tea may just replace the position of taking water because one may find plain water being boring to take always. To spice things up, tea is not so bad. It is also recommended. Mint, peppermint, oolong and yerba mate may be in your tea which will also help to suppress your appetite for certain meals. It is clear on your HCG diet plan for weight loss much fluid is needed to your body for reasons of being healthy and also to prevent constipation. May be individuals do forget the fluid part of it that is why more water is recommended and talked much on.


  • Have a low calorie snack

I find HCG diet plan for weight loss a little stressing. Why? You have to be careful on the kinds of meals you eat or else you will be messing things up. What you need is a low calorie diet each and every day of your life. So, feeling hungry is not an option but a must. To prevent pangs of hunger every now and then, consult may be a nutritionist or your doctor if you have no idea of low calorie snacks that you may take bit by bit just to help you not to go on a hunger strike. It will be very helpful.


  • Pickles

“I am craving for something crunchy!” It may be in one’s mind anyone not necessarily on a person who is on a HCG diet plan. But what if it is that someone on HCG diet plan? What is the solution? Remember no meals with a lot of calories. If you are this person then dill pickle is just your solution at that craving time. Dill pickles are crunchy snacks that are fat-free and with low carbohydrates. Just make sure that your pickles have enough sugar. It would not be a harm to try also cucumber and vinegar while you are on your HCG diet plan.

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