We often witness competitive behavior in male animal world in situations related to either mating or, in most cases, marking territories when they want to show how dominant they are. When they are successful or just want to compete with other males, their testosterone level increases.

When it comes to human world, this hormone acts the same way as in the animal world. Some researches show that when men compete, their testosterone level also rises. However, there are differences in levels, which are related to different processes in human body.

The Adrenaline Rush

During any exercise, adrenaline is released into the blood and the body responds in various ways. For instance, the adrenaline may act as a protection of a person’s body (he or she may feel no pain) in cases of injuries. On the other hand, when the concentration of adrenaline in blood is high, a person is stronger than usual.

When men compete, their adrenaline level rises; they may experience the adrenaline rush – a feeling that gives a person’s strength a great increase. It also gives a boost of energy to a competitor. A boost of energy can trigger the boost of testosterone in blood.

Since adrenal glands produce a certain amount of testosterone, adrenaline can contribute in rising of this hormone’s level, especially in cases of a competition.


Recent researches state that testosterone level in blood differs among the competitors in sport disciplines; the competitors that won the competition have a higher level of this hormone in their blood in comparison to those that have been defeated.

There is a psychological side of this hormone’s level increase. When challenged, men appear more aggressive and aggression is associated to competitive behavior. As men are naturally dominant, when they are successful in a tournament, the amount of testosterone in their bodies is higher than of those who are not successful.

There are two theories related to this. On one hand, some men experience a rise of testosterone level in their blood when other competitors challenge them, which can bring them an outstanding performance and a victory. On the other hand, the adrenaline rush may cause the increase of a person’s strength, and that can also ensure a victory.

Some studies have found that testosterone is essential if one wants to have his strength increased. Also, men that live and work in competitive environments, tend to have more of this hormone in their bodies, which means that people that compete in various sports will more likely have a higher level of it.


When it comes to boosting the energy as well the testosterone (T) level in blood (since this hormone boosts one’s strength), there are ways to stimulate and enhance the power of one’s body. Many wrestlers use various supplements to build their body and muscle mass.

There are natural boosters that have herbs as ingredients. By enhancing their energy, wrestlers can see better results when they both exercise and compete. Read on to find out more about best testosterone boosters on the market.

Muscle growth

As T hormone is responsible for the growth of one’s muscles, or at least it plays an important role in this process, testosterone boosters work as stimulators in gaining the muscle mass.

Although T is an anabolic hormone that our bodies naturally produce, the herbal products for bodybuilding stimulate this process and increase its level. This is especially helpful for the bodybuilders that are over 30 years old, because the hormone level starts to decrease at the age of 30.

Gaining the Strength

Testosterone works as kick-start for the growth of strength. By trying popular test boosters like Nugenix , a normal range of T in a body is increased and the bodybuilders are able to lift more weight and both minimize the effort they put in training and maximize their power.

The products that people use to gain more power reduce stress level and minimize the production of the stress hormones, which means that the bodybuilders, wrestlers, and others will perform better.

Enhanced Performance

Many of the herbal supplements are also used to endure the exercises, weight lifting or to help competitors claim victory in a competition. When the performance is enhanced, the training become more effective, the tournaments easier to won and the opponents easier to compete with.

The purpose of the wrestling competitions is not only to obtain a higher rank or to fight with other competitors, but also to show off your body since you worked hard in a gym and achieved great results.

Benefits of Herbal Products

Since the booster products are natural supplements, they help a body recover after training and maintain a healthy immune system. In addition, they affect sleep; quality and restful sleep has crucial effect on body, strength, bone health and even hormones, it helps muscles relax and recover after a long day in a gym.

Long story short, many bodybuilders and wrestlers use these supplements in order to increase the testosterone level in their body; the boosters deliver outstanding results and recover body after an intense training. However, one should not forget to consult a doctor before taking any of these dietary supplements since each body acts differently.